Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Had To Share...

.... As I mentioned in my last 5x5 Update, I am reorganizing our budget, which I do every year at this time.  This year is particularly interesting because we are switching a lot of things that we did automatically through Dave's checks to my checks, because his employer doesn't offer it.  For example, we are now pulling from my check to deposit automatically into savings and employer sponsored retirement, and we are getting things set up to also pull from my checks for our Health Savings Account and Flex Spending Account for daycare.  This means that Dave's checks look a lot "bigger", (and mine basically zero out, for real) and we are trying to arrange our spending so we save more of Dave's paychecks as a short term savings for things like car plates, oil changes, and life insurance-- which always comes due and I hate pulling from savings to pay for.  Anyway, I would be happy to explain our easy system to you sometime, but for now just know that I operate out of two checking accounts: one that Dave's paychecks are deposited into and pays bills and "holds" money for expected (and unexpected) bills, and one that we use for our "everyday expenses" like food, gas, eating out, formula, diapers, Target runs, gifts, clothing, etc.  When I pay bills, I act like our "everyday expenses" account is a "bill" to pay.  Yadadadada.  So I call the bank because I want debit cards for the "Pay Bills Checking".  The sweet lady on the phone starts talking to me, and can see my nicknames on my accounts.  "So you would like 2 debit cards for the "Pay Bills Checking" or for the "Everyday Expenses Checking?"  I suddenly felt RIDICULOUS having several accounts that I had nicknamed such obvious things-- but next time I think I will nickname them "Stripper Account", "Money Laundering Account" and "Drug Money" -- just to hear her read them back to me!
Baby just woke up!
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  1. Oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh!! Love you and your blogging! :)