Monday, January 16, 2012

5 x 5 Update #2

Hello Friends.
I know that the six people who read my blog are really upset that I didn't get an update posted last night, but fear not!  I have approximately 4 minutes between now and when the baby wakes up, so I want to give you a brief look at my 5 x 5 tasks this week-- hopefully to inspire you and challenge you to KEEP GOING.  How are you doing?  I do love the emails and texts, so if you are still plugging along this new year, let me know again.  Okay? Okay.
Monday: Took down the Christmas decor.  Because it's almost FEBRUARY.  Good grief.  The Evergreen is still up, in case you're wondering, but it's not decorated :)  I need to make space in the basement (ug) before I haul it all down there.  Dekker keeps pointing at the tree and saying "Christmas?"  No son.
Tuesday: Back to work.  As in lectured to students.  Oh my goodness this is going to be a long semester for mom.  Tuesday I also saw a therapist (great decision) and went to small group and then fell into my bed more exhausted than I have been on this journey yet.  Thankfully, Tucker got the memo and I woke up Wednesday feeling much better.  No 5x5 goals met, and I'm totally fine with that.
Wednesday: Set up HSA.  You can, too, at  Now I wait 10 days to get my packet in the mail, including my account number, and take it to the accounting/payroll office at my work.  I CAN do this and it WILL be so worth it.  I also have been re-organizing our budget, so while I had the bank on the phone I did a little of that mess.
Thursday: Work.  That night I cleaned the basket that sits at the end of our bar.  Dave was ready to shoot me, but it is very clean now and holds just the few things we need out, like our planner and a small notebook.  I could probably condense that into our "junk drawer" but then I wouldn't have baskets sitting all over my house to drop things in and later go back and clean.  And how fun would that be...
Friday: Called the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City to finalize the overnight trip I took there Saturday night with three friends.  It cost a total of $80, which included gas, a gorgeous room, two great meals, a hot tub, and great friends who love one another and Jesus.  Considering above mentioned therapist costs $96 and HOUR, I might need to consider more overnights!!  Thank you Dave for parenting alone, you are honestly the best.
Saturday: Cleaned out my purse and packaged a gift to mail.
Sunday: Cleaned the front of our fridge.

Here are a few things I'm kicking around for this week:
Finally mail that gift I have been talking about for two weeks.
Clean out the coat closet
Clean out the freezer.
MAYBE do round #2 on the mail basket.
The coat closet and freezer are just KILLING me (and both will take, legitimately, several steps).  Neither can hold another thing, and both have lots that need purged.  The contents of the coat closet in particular could be keeping some peeps warm at the Open Door Mission, and that alone is reason enough to clean it out ASAP.  Every time I open either of them, I shove it closed and pray nothing falls on top of me.

Here's to week THREE.

On the journey,


  1. I love your goal of "finally mailing gift" and that "package" to mail was another goal the week before. ha! that so sounds like me...those little tasks end up piling up...who knew it could be so hard to get something made/bought, wrapped or packaged cute and write a note, find a box and get it addressed, and then get to a post office (and have enough time to wait in a long line)...

  2. Kolbe is singing along with your music. I'll email my progress because obviously, "think of a blog name so I can participate in the fun more fully" has moved to the bottom of the list. :)