Saturday, September 18, 2010

Here's To... My Mobile Camera

Here's To... My Mobile Camera

A big shout out here to my mobile camera (as if my phone cares), which I love for moments like these:

1.  My sweet boy and I at the park on Friday.  It was beautiful, and since I'm up before the sun on M,W,F these days to work out, 9:30 didn't seem so early to get a little running around in.  Dekker is so big, he showed himself all around the park, and particularly enjoyed the stairs on the jungle gym.  He got so far up that he just went right down a slide, for the first time, and all by himself.  He landed in a puddle of water and I rushed off the jungle gym and ran around just in time to "catch" him, which he didn't need anyway.  He also enjoyed the swings much more than he has in the past, thank goodness.

2.  My sweet dog Josie at the park.  She is a much (much, much, much) better "family dog" than I ever envisioned and loves walks.  So Dekker and I took her with us to the park, where I just dropped the leash and let her explore around.  She is fantastic, and comes running every time I call her name.  She never got too far away from us and had a fun morning, too. 

3.  The Shellac manicure I am loving.  I love it so much that I could create an entire post just to it.  Finally, a tasteful manicure on my real nails, that looks great and doesn't chip, doesn't damage the nail or nail bed and lasts for at least 14 days.  I feel professional and put together!  I get mine at Blonde Salon, in case you're wondering, and it comes in several colors including the "neutral" that I got.

Welp, that's enough for a random Saturday night.  My lover-boy just got home with sushi so I am signing off!!

On the journey,

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