Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's To... Family Camp

Here's to the 39th annual Soden Family Camp.  Basically, family camp is a family reunion hosted by my dad and his seven siblings at a place we love named Camp Colorado.  It has been going on for so long that it is one of the most beloved traditions in my life.  All growing up, I have spent nearly every Labor Day with these wonderful people-- talking, making memories, spoiling one another's kids, eating waaaay too much.

Here's to the amazing amount of food that we have at Camp Colorado.  It is delish.  Everyone brings their own treats, then each family takes over the kitchen for one meal. 

One of the three coolers full of food and ingredients.
Thanks Marcy Rowe for your fantastic recipe.  They were a hit.
One of the very special meals at camp is Chicken and Noodles.  This recipe makes me think of my Grandma and I miss her so much!  This is Dekker's first Chicken and Noodles meal.  I think he liked it!
Here's to relaxing days in the gazebo.  And horse shoe tournaments.  And volleyball games.  And nature hikes.  Here's to a nature hike where you get to show your son "Dino Rock" for the first time-- the same rock that you and your family and cousins used to walk up to every year.  Here's to the "Chapel."  I love that place-- an outdoor chapel with a big log for a podium.  My grandpa used to take my cousin and I up there to "play church."  (That memory makes me smile so much.)

I took this picture to memorialize that Dave and I did in fact get past the first round in horse-shoes!
Do you think Dave is napping here?!?
"Dino Rock."  Can you see how it has a painted face? 

Here's to bathing your son in the same sink you were bathed.
 Here's to cousins.  And fun aunts and uncles.  And grandparents who love their kids and grand-kids so much.  Here's to my cousins, who love my husband and son so much.  Here's to the fact that our saying is "there are no in-laws, we're just family."  (Though Dave likes to call himself an "outlaw.")  Here's to my cousin, Lindsay, who devoured my son and loved me up with encouragement all weekend. 
Cousins in matching Husker shirts!  Dekker was on the verge of such a pout here!
Aunt Amy and Dekker having some fun!
Dekker and Grandpa playing.  Check out those shoes!

There are 78 Soden's, and 63 made it.  Another great weekend of family, no TV's, no cell phones, no internet, no alcohol, and lots of great people.  Here's to an incredible, healthy, wonderful tradition.

 On the Journey,


  1. Amen cousin!! It was a wonderful weekend (as always)! Thank you for sharing that sweet boy with me and for all of your love and encouragement (not to mention the beautiful words that pretty much sum it all up)!! XOXO

  2. Stef,
    I was "watching" for this post about your weekend. Glad to see the pic with Dekker and the twins, I can't believe how fast all 3 of them are growing up!
    Love ya,

  3. Wish we could have made it. :) Thanks for posting about it!