Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vegas Countdown...

Well we are absolutely thrilled to be leaving for Vegas in the AM.  Actually, Dave is in Iowa right now helping a friend of a friend get his computer up and going.  It is taking way longer than he anticipated and I'm 100% sure he's not happy about it.  So in the mean time, I am doing laundry, packing Dekkers things, and clearing the camera... so while the camera unloads I thought I had a few quick moments to post.

Here are my Top 5 thoughts about Vegas, in no order, in regards to food:

1.  It is not the last supper.  I can eat well, but I don't have to eat until I unbutton my pants at EVERY meal.

2.  I want to taste a variety of foods.

3.  I will hold off on dessert.  I love food, but I love losing weight, too.  So I don't want to undo all the work I have done.  As I look at various websites about what to order at restaurants, it continues to strike me how dessert can be the same "points value" as an entire meal.

4.  I will order red sauce instead of white.  Killer.  I will order veggies whenever I can.

5.  I will lay off the donuts.  I do lloovvee donuts, but I don't need a half dozen everyday.

(6).  (I will walk everywhere I can, and pack sensible shoes to make this possible.)

What are we planning to do while in Vegas?  Well, we're going clubbing.  I can't even type the word clubbing without laughing.  I have no idea what this means.  I hope they have wine.  Shoot, I was going to get a drink list from someone-- a "what to order" cheat sheet I could stick in my purse or something... oh well.  I am also in the midst of packing for said clubs.  On Monday I conned Dave to stop at the mall and called my bestfriend, Beth from the dressing room at the Gap in a near panic.  THANKFULLY she was just getting off work at the mall and came up to rescue me.  She assured me that the jeans I already have are fine.  And she invited me to raid her awesome closet.  It was an approximately $54 intervention.  And I have some great new shirts to wear.  Pictures to come... Thank You Beth.

Okay, clubs (Moon and Ghostbar) Thursday night, the "O" show by Cirque du Soleil Friday night at the Belliago, and something a bit more laid back Saturday night, maybe Fremont Street.  And I hope to do lots of walking, shopping, get a massage, eating, gambling, and sleeping in.  And not think about work, case notes, clients, nap times, or bedtimes.   I am going to really MISS Dekker, but I am not going to worry about him.  He'll be in great hands with my folks.  They are super excited to have him.

Okay, pics are downloaded (facebook is updated), and I'm off to BED!  Pictures and more when I get home!

On the journey.


PS It's 11:00 and Dave is still not home!

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  1. just read your blog from Wednesday
    Fun to read, especially "after the fact".
    I hope the trip was everything you wanted it to be.
    Thanks for "sharing" a meal with me on Saturday, that was nice!