Sunday, March 14, 2010


First, we had a fantastic time in Vegas with Becky and Mitch and Tisha and Marty.

Above: Becky and Mitch.

Above: Tisha and Marty

Above: Dave and I, Thursday Night, Toby Keith's Bar and Grill.

There are vacations where you sit on the beach all week and rest and relax... then there are vacations to Vegas!  We were so busy!  And there is a two hour time difference, so after nearly 11 months of dreaming about sleeping in... we couldn't.  But it was still wonderful and refreshing, even if it wasn't totally relaxing.

I will give you a little rundown of what we did:
Thursday's Highlights: Worked half a day, then drove to Aurora over Dekker's afternoon nap (he still sleeps wonderfully in the car!).  We met up with Nana and Grandpa and they were so excited to keep Dekker.  It made it easier for us to leave.  We knew we'd miss him, but we weren't worried one tiny bit.  We went to Grand Island where we flew Allegiant Air.  It was an experience, and in the end all 150 of us got on the jet (as in walked right out to the plane) and made it to Vegas.  That night we went to dinner with the whole group, then walked around and saw some of the strip, including the inside of the Bellagio.  We learned very quickly that in Vegas, there is no bedtime.  We went to bed about 2AM, or 4AM Nebraska time.  I had been up for about 22 hours.

Friday: We couldn't sleep in!  Dave and I went to brunch at the Bellagio and had a great time.  We just sat and visited for over an hour.  It was one of the highlights for me.  We talked a lot about how much our baby is growing up and how much fun we have had over the last year.  We are surprised that we have enjoyed this so much.  We knew we would enjoy it-- but we had no idea how much!  We also walked around the Miracle Mile, then had a couples massage (20% off!) and then walked around the Venetian with the whole group.  That night we had a great Italian dinner and saw the "O" show.  It was fantastic.  We watched the fountains at the Bellagio that night and did the Eiffel Tower Experience.

Saturday: Breakfast from McDonalds, then lots of walking and sight seeing around the south end of the strip... MGM, New York New York, M&M World, Minus 5 Ice Bar, and a great new soap/lotion store named Lush.  Check it out!  That night we went to the club Studio 54 in MGM.  We thought the music was great and it was lots of fun-- although another late night!

Funny Story: We were leaving the club early Sunday morning and there were two older adults playing slots.  The old lady says to the old man, "What are all those wristbands?" Old man says, "The girls got in free to that club tonight."  Old lady points to Becky and I and says, "Well, those two are rather covered up!"  As we're walking by Becky hears all this and says back, "It's because we're moms!"  So funny!!  (Does it look like I am wearing the same top as I was on Thursday night?  Well, yes, I am.  I did not over-pack by any stretch of the imagination.)

Again, I really regretted my dress shoes/boots.  These black boots have needed to be replaced for a long time so... what happened in Vegas Stayed in Vegas...

Sunday: Slept in after the late night out, lunch, then off to the airport and home to see the baby boy.  We got home around 10:45 at night.  I feel like I spent all last week recovering!  I napped everytime Dekker napped when I was home on M, W, F.

A few thoughts from my trip:
1.  Both Friday and Saturday evening I split my evening meal, once with Dave and once with my cousin Tisha.  I was really aware of portion control.  That seemed to help a lot, and I don't remember myself getting so full I wanted to burst at any point.

2.  I decided not to worry about points at all!  I didn't even count points the week leading up to it because I saw no point.  It was somewhat freeing.  I was aware of my intake, and I probably ate and drank more points than I realize, but it wasn't awful.

3.  I walked a ton, just like I thought I would.  I didn't realize I would walk as much at night so I really regretted the "dress shoes" I brought.  I will find some hot and dressy FLATS if I ever go back.

4.  If I could do it again, I would!  It was fantastic.  If I go again I might want one more full day and a little later in the season.  I would have loved one afternoon by a pool to just sit and do nothing and relax.

5.  Every body type around was there wearing everything under the sun.  It was somewhat FREEING.  I really didn't feel judged at all.  I really had in my mind that Vegas was much more "fashion conscious" than I found it to be.  Certainty some parts are, I am sure.  But not where I was.  I felt comfortable almost all the time, and adjusted very quickly to the "who cares?" attitude.

6.  Since coming home, I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  It is a good lesson on how easily one can get off the bandwagon.  I want this to be a LIFESTYLE, not a diet.  And I am somewhat saddened that if I'm not writing down my food and counting points that I just go to the wolves, but I guess that is where I am at right now.  Last week my goal was to count points and go to the gym 2 times.  Well, I didn't count points and got to the gym Monday and on the treadmill Friday.  My goal this week is 3 workouts and count points starting Monday.

Tonight, I let go of all self restraint and had Fazolis.  It was like a Last Supper.  Lord, give me strength!  I may never get those fake nails!

More Soon!
On the journey.


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  1. loved the post, how true many of your thoughts from the trip are, I can relate! Enjoyed every minute of it and looking forward to see you again this summer!!!