Monday, February 6, 2012

5 x 5 Update #5

Welcome to the end of the road, Friends.  Yesterday we finished five weeks of doing five small organizational tasks a week.  It felt great, and I am so thrilled with the small but wonderful progress I have made around the house.  It DOES add up.  Not to mention the wonderful new space in the basement, where my hard working husband can work away without being reminded of a long honey-do list.  Have I mentioned that we love it? I am thrilled for several of you, too, who are cleaning out closets, refrigerators, bedrooms, under beds, under stair cases.  We are recycling our goods, clearing our space, and simplyfing our life.  The challenge is over, but maybe this will become a sort of "lifestyle."  I hope it does for me.

Well, I kinda fell off the daily bandwagon, but did get small things accomplished and it did feel wonderful.  Probably the biggest task I accomplished was a second cleaning of that bleepity bleep mail basket.  Are you wondering why I am always talking about my mail basket?  Me, too!  I have NO CLUE how it gets so out of hand so quickly.  It was to the point that I couldn't even put mail in it!  I _try_ to throw away my junk mail when I get the mail, I promise.  I _try_ to sort out my magazines right away into their home.  But never-the-less it piles up terribly.  Sooo.... this week I went through it-- meaning I filed what needed filed, shredded what needed shredded, paid most of what needs paid.  Sorted the medical bills, sorted the HSA stuff, sorted the coupons.  So it is much improved!  It feels great.  The other task I accomplished was setting up a meeting with a Financial "guy".  Finally. It only took me three years.

So, I just want you to know that I am enlisting myself for a final push into Week 6 (and maybe Week 7 depending on how productive this week ends up being-- I have a lot of work to do this week so I'm not too optimistic).  You do not have to join me. But I have a few lingering things that I need to write down and cross off.  Things like:
* Organize the craft "sack"
* Clean out behind the short couch
* Meet with the financial guy.  This goal is not "finished" until I have someplace to transfer money to for long-term savings, and until we regularly do it.
* Set up Nike Plus so I can start jogging my bum off, literally.
* Organize Dekker's toys into four bins-- week one, week two, week three, week four.  I plan to rotate bins weekly to keep the clutter down and the excitement of "new" toys up.
* Fill in picture frames in Tuckers room (this would literally take me 3 seconds if I would just do it)
* Take coats, etc to Open Door Mission

I think that accomplishing these things early in February will start my year off wonderfully.  Then, I can focus more on the day to day tasks of life and family and money management and jogging (being optimistic, okay!), and mix in some 2012 goals here and there-- goals I have yet to write out (and may or may not include an overhaul of the living room decor including paint and furniture placement and wall hangings)!  Hopefully getting these smaller tasks out of the way will motivate and encourage me, and make life just easier to maneuver.  Or maybe I will make them each a goal, so I can say I accomplished them all by March 1.  Not. A. Bad. Idea.

On the journey,

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