Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Inaugural Post

I think the hardest part of starting anything new is doing whatever it is the first time. And so it is with this blog, and several other things in my life to be honest.  My dear sweet hubby set this blog up several months ago, and though I love writing, I have for some reason procrastinated.   So here we go.

I decided to start writing on Monday.  This Monday, like almost every Monday for the last FOUR YEARS, my kind mother in law made dinner for herself, my father in law, my husband, and me.  We got there before the meal was ready and were playing around with the baby on the floor when my father in law announced, "He needs a little sister."  And honest to goodness, the first thought that went across my mind was "not before I lose this weight."  You see, I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but enough to know I shouldn't go setting out to gain another 25-35 on top of it (not to mention the 400 other reasons I shouldn't have another kid right now-- but that is for another day).  I've tried to "make healthy choices" and have even been working out regularly (two to three times a week) since mid-November, and yet I have only lost 5 lbs.  I am thrilled with 5 lbs (especially considering the holidays), but have proven again that I need more structure.  Apparently I don't "watch what I eat," even when I think I am.

I am a professional at Weight Watchers.  This is not a badge I wear with honor.  But I embarked again on my weight loss journey and plan to take you with me.  I think weight loss can be so hard-- just a pound or two at a time-- but I remember that it adds up-- my goal is 10 lbs and I would be thrilled with 10+.  Oh, those last 10 lbs.   If you've never done WW yourself-- it is basically a weight loss program based on "points."  You get an amount of points based on your current weight, gender, and lifestyle.  I get 21.  Then, every food is assigned a certain amount of "points."  Like a bank account, you can put points in (exercise) and take points out until, at the end of the day, you have a daily balance-- and hope it's positive.  In addition, you get 35 "freebie" points to use as you wish throughout the week (all at once or "little by little").

So here is what my week has looked like in case you are curious:

Yogurt 2
1/4 cup granola 2
Scooters Sugar free skim latte 2
Grapes 1
Kashi Bar 2
Cold Peas 0-- my snack while I fed the baby
Dinner rolls 8 (2 rolls at 4 points each)
Soup 4
Crackers 2

Yogurt and Granola-4
Latte 2 (homemade)
Grapes 1
Kashi Bar 2
1/2 cup corn casserole 8 (and worth every bite)
4 oz pot roast 4 (yes, I weighed it on my scale)
Grapes 1
Salad (lettuce, green peas, dressing) 0
1 tbsp Sunflower seeds 1

Lean Cuisine Pizza-8
Weight Watcher Ice Cream Bar 1
Grapes 1
Wheat Thins 1
Pancakes 6
Bacon 2
Syrup 3
Total: -5

I have made a few smart but hard choices this week.  First, I passed on the DELICIOUS chocolate cake served at small group on Tuesday.  I thought to myself  "one piece won't hurt"... but I know better!!!  I also passed on the candy jar in my office at work.  I love sugar candy-- nerds, sweettarts, smarties-- and my colleague fills her bowl with that.  Ahhh..... I also went to the gym today, Wed, even though I feel like crap with a sinus mess.  You don't see "activity points" in my daily list because I won't add them in until the 3rd week.  I did pilates.  It is a great workout, but not real cardio based and doesn't offer a lot of "points" anyway.

My other motivation is a trip we are planning to Las Vegas the first of March.  I would like to wear my spring clothes and not hate myself the entire weekend.  I will write more about that, as well as about my family, adorable 9 month old son, job, life and faith.  Just stick around, okay.

True to form, the hardest part about being a "blogger" is getting started.  Well, the first post is done and we all survived!  Maybe we can talk about something more fun next time :)

On the journey.



  1. woohoo!!! I've been dying to have more blogs to read :) Just remember 5 lbs at a time. You inspired me to get back to my 1600 calories a day...I was slacking. Blogging is cathartic, I'm sure you'll like it as much as we like reading it.

  2. Kara, God bless you for reading and commenting. I love your blog so much that it is part of my inspiration. I hope you are right that I love writing it and others love reading it. Miss you! Stef